The membership of the Association is open person licensed and engaged in the profession of Aircraft Piloting, Flight Engineering and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in Nigeria

  • The person shall become a member of the Association upon acceptance of his/her completed membership form by the General Secretary who shall forward same to the management of the organization where the person works, for the purpose of notification and check-off dues deduction.

  • The General Secretary shall keep a register of members and update same from time to time

  • Unemployed professionals, non nationals, military and para-military personnel practicing in Nigeria, and students studying piloting and aircraft maintenance engineering shall be accepted as honorary members for the purpose of participating in professional events only, but shall have no voting rights.

  • Every member shall be entitled to a membership card and a copy of the constitution upon registration.

  • In the event of missing membership card and/or Constitution, the member shall be entitled to a replacement upon application to the General Secretary accompanied by sworn affidavit and Police report extract and a fee decided by National Administrative Council.

  • Each branch, where applicable, shall maintain a register of members belonging to that branch.

  • Membership shall be voluntary, and may be voluntarily withdrawn at any time.

  • Every member shall pay a monthly membership due of N3,000:00 (or as may be decided from time to time by the NEC) deducted from source by the employer and delivered to the National Secretariat of the Association in accordance to labour law.

  • Every member shall have right to have his/her grievance (s) processed by the appropriate organs of the Association.